DesignEd Labs

DesignEd Labs are educator-designed professional development opportunities bringing educators from various schools and districts together to learn about different topics of interest. Past DesignEd Labs included Intro to Design Thinking & Makerspace, Social Emotional Learning, and Design Thinking Using Literature.


I have a better grasp of the framework process. I found your thinking tools to be worded in a way my 5th graders could easily understand. I look forward to shifting the PBL into more DT model to factor in the empathy piece.

The content stands on its own and presents a variety of best practices. Your energy and the energy of the others at the Design Lab is what set this apart from other PDs. I was so happy that I had signed up and am looking forward to implementing what we learned.
The workshop I was lucky to attend was well constructed and imparted a lot of information in a short amount of time. Overall, I was more than satisfied with the experience. It was inspiring and instructive. Thank you for putting it together and for inviting us to participate!

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