"The Design Thinking process has me thinking along many lines--who knows where it will take me as a teacher!"



"I feel that it is a different way to teach and pushing forward with something different rather than the same old ways of teaching/learning. I feel that it is a way to expand learning by being more student directed rather than telling the students the answers."


"I'm so inspired by the teachers I met this week, and by the idea of teachers as designers. As a teacher it's important to me that I have some ability to innovate and to create positive change in the school system beyond my classroom. This institute has made me feel that I can affect change without having to leave the classroom."



"I loved being challenged to think outside the box and it has given me courage to ask for things that I think would help teachers and students grow and learn."

Best PD I have had in awhile. I have so many new ideas I want to try...my head is spinning. I am so excited about teaching this upcoming year."

"This is by far the most interactive/collaborative PD I've even been to. We as professionals keep being told to be collaborative and teach our students to be, yet we never get the chance! This was perfect for that! Thank you!"


"I have been very pleased--you did a great job organizing it. Your passion for teaching, PD, collaboration, and connection beyond our normal bubble is so evident! It pushed me past my comfort zone at times, but that's good for me."