“The work Lauren Sikes does with DesignEd is truly transformational, especially when leaders open themselves up for real talk amongst their team. Refreshing and energizing outcomes.”

Happy Clients

“DesignEd can be applied to such a broad range of issues and aspects of an organization. Every single employee who would benefit from being introduced to these ideas and challenged to implement them in their areas of work.”

“I was very proud of our group & that we actually walked away making some specific & immediate changes. It was refreshing & empowering to see us put into action what we had discussed. Being willing to try something without fear of failure.”

“Loved the DesignEd training, as always. There seems to be revitalized energy since you started working with [us] … everyone is excited to come to work. After the training the next day, I literally jumped out of bed and spent two hours working on possible ideas. I love feeling this excited about work and the growth opportunities that come along with DesignEd. Thank you!”

“Very pleased with the immediate dedication to change NOW versus a commitment to change down the road. Truly enjoyed learning about having courageous conversations and how effective they will be for our team.”


“I had a Courageous Conversation immediately that day and life at work is better for it. I feel we are growing as a team as a result.”

“The training was worth the time. I am grateful that these strategies can be used professionally and personally. I think if everyone implements or gives their best effort with fidelity, that it could really be good for our school and staff morale will rise.”

"I loved being challenged to think outside the box and [DesignEd] has given me courage to ask for things I think would help us grow and learn."

“Continue working with us to move this process forward. Workshops are always more productive with well-trained facilitators … which you are!”



Up to 99% of DesignEd clients agree or strongly agree with the following statements:

  • The tools and strategies I learned at this workshop will help me be a better leader this year.

  • I believe if we practice and use these tools and strategies we will improve culture across our organization.

“Working with Lauren and DesignEd has been nothing short of remarkable. The way in which teams are walked through step-by-step courageous conversations in order to break down walls and establish a true trust is an essential piece of the work. Our organization feels different because leaders are encouraged to be upfront with their observations and perspectives and when a team is dedicated to daily improvement, it ups everybody’s game. DesignEd empowers teams to find their authentic voices, both together and individually, for the betterment of the organization. I’m so thankful for this partnership.”