Why Does Culture Matter?

Why does culture matter? Why does leadership matter?

Teacher and leader retention remains an issue within the education sector. Google “Why people quit their jobs?” and you will find an endless amount of articles citing culture and leadership as the primary reasons. 

Yet, only around 10% of organizations operationalize their values, naming skills and behaviors expected within their work place, and strategically design their culture. 

Here's the thing, work place culture happens whether we are focusing on it or not, so why not spend time intentionally designing it?

As DesignEd's work grows, we find we are spending more and more time with leaders to design culture within their school. It has become the foundation of our work and often times has to come before we focus on curriculum changes. One thing we know for sure is we LOVE this work and the results we see.

As we evolve to best meet the needs of leaders and their schools, here is what we have learned. 

DesignEd is a service for leaders who believe their primary job is to:

  • Serve the people in their organization.

  • Engage and elevate other leaders, teachers, students, and families to be the best they can be.

  • Create value to grow and sustain their school in the community.

We focus on leaders who believe this and are looking for a way to create a culture where everyone is committed to and can contribute to the mission of the school. DesignEd promises that engaging your time and resources with us will get you there.