DesignEd’s mission is to lead schools and teachers to innovate, collaborate, and transform the educational experience.


DesignEd creates and supports local communities of innovative teachers and leaders to transform area schools with strategic organizational, teacher, and student shifts away from century-old school models and towards innovative school models.

DesignEd elevates the talent that already exists in the classroom and develops teachers as lead designers of the educational experience.

DesignEd leads teachers and leaders to create solutions and innovation using the design thinking process.

DesignEd instills and creates a positive professional culture where autonomy, diversity, and creative action are essential components of organizational operations.

DesignEd offers time and space for teachers and leaders to come together to learn and discuss topics of interest to further develop their understanding of innovative practices.


DesignEd Services: Institutes - Ongoing Support - Educator Designed PD

  • DesignEd Institutes for School Innovation

  • Ongoing Support & Collaboration Days

  • DesignEd Labs for Educator-Designed Professional Development