DesignEd Institutes


Attend a DesignEd Institute for School Transformation, a three-day transformative experience to build innovative culture and curriculum -- learn the design thinking framework, create prototypes for school transformation. DesignEd can create an Institute experience for an entire faculty, school district, or invite teams from various schools to attend.

Ongoing Support & Development


Ongoing Support & Collaboration Visits are onsite instructional visits for participants who attended the DesignEd Institute for School Innovation, Option 1 or 2. These can be scheduled throughout the year and are designed based on participant need. Surveys and interviews with participants will be conducted and the data will be used to tailor sessions.

DesignEd Labs


DesignEd Labs offer the time and space for teachers to attend professional development throughout the year to build a local culture and community of collaboration and innovation. Topics are designed based on teacher feedback and needs. DesignEd Labs will be a two to four hour experience. Labs are engaging, interactive, and may take the format of a round table discussion, workshop, or unconference format.

I'm so inspired by the teachers I met this week, and by the idea of teachers as designers. As a teacher it's important to me that I have some ability to innovate and to create positive change in the school system beyond my classroom. This institute has made me feel that I can affect change without having to leave the classroom.